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Vegan Society of PEACE

Who We Are

Vegan Society of PEACE (People for the Earth, Animals, Compassion, & Enlightenment) is a grassroots, nonprofit, community organization which promotes PEACE and compassion for all sentient beings. We are dedicated to ethical vegan living, animal rights advocacy, environmental responsibility, peace, and nonviolence. We are 100 percent volunteer-run since the formation of our organization in 2004. We are headquartered in Houston, Texas and our membership is global. We appreciate the support and generosity of our members worldwide. 

We offer educational and social events in Houston, organize community outreach, work with our local media, and help co-ordinate a growing, local vegan support network. Members of our global community network receive our free monthly newsletter, follow our social media, and attend our larger, annual events. Please join us in creating a society of peace where people care for the earth, work to liberate all sentient beings from exploitation and oppression, and endeavor to enlighten the world through the message of universal compassion and nonviolence.
Our Mission

Our mission is to promote peace and compassion for all beings through vegan education, outreach, and advocacy. While we dedicate ourselves to ending violence and cruelty toward all animals, our primary focus is working to end the exploitation and needless deaths of the billions of land animals and aquatic species slaughtered each year for food. We actively promote ethical vegan living, animal rights advocacy, environmental responsibility, peace, and nonviolence. We also work as a support network for those transitioning to a vegan diet and those interesting in learning how to be effective animal advocates. 

Our Message

We believe all sentient beings deserve to live. By promoting nonviolence and compassion for all living beings, we can create a more peaceful existence for all who live on this planet. We believe that the Sanskrit word ahimsa, meaning "do no harm", can be applied to all of our daily actions and interactions. 

Our Goals

Our top goals are outreach, education, and advocacy.

To reach these goals our organization has created and participates in several outreach, education, and advocacy campaigns: 2nd Saturdays Vegan Community Events, VegFest Houston, Walk for Animals/Walk for Peace, Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, Thanksliving, MEATOUT, Earth Day, World Farm Animals Day, World Vegetarian Day, World Go Vegan Days, and World Animal Rights Day. In 2006, we launched our Texas "Veggin'-out" Days Campaign, now known as Texas Go Vegan Week, which takes place annually the first week of October.

We host all of our outreach and educational events virtually as of Spring 2020. We host events and educational classes. We work in conjunction with other local, intersectional organizations on campaigns and events throughout the year. We offer a support network for all those who care about the earth, animals, compassionate living, and the search for knowledge and enlightenment. 

Our Leadership

President and Board of Director: Anuj Arun Shah, JD, Ph.D.
Secretary and IT Officer: Brooke Kyle
Treasury Officer: Lynn Schneider, Ph.D.
Board of Director: Alan Clune, Ph.D
Board of Director: Bernadette Session
Advisory Board: Kay Bauer, JD
Advisory Board: Christine Crumbley, Ph.D.

Our Founders

Kristen Lee Ohanyan & Tosh Schurz (Retired February 2, 2020)
Co-Founders, Vegan Society of PEACE (March 20, 2004)
Creators, Texas Go Vegan Week (2006)
Recipients, North American Veg Society “Most Creative Outreach” Award (2007)
Creators, Vegan 2nd Saturdays Monthly Houston Community Events (2009)
Creators, VegFest Houston Vegan Community Festival of Texas (2011)
Creators, Houston Vegan Awards (2017)

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